At Camino, we strive to make the most of our paper waste to create a more sustainable society.

Founded in 2015, Camino builds on more than 30 years of experience in running a leading paper recycling business. We are currently focused on launching our new sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum-derived plastic, which utilises paper waste and plant-based biodegradable plastic.

As part of a global movement away from plastic, which initially began as a pledge to clean up our oceans, EU parliament has banned single-use plastic products and OXO biodegradable plastic by 2021. Alternatives such as reusable or recyclable materials like paper products and plant-based biodegradable plastic are already starting to replace conventional plastic. As outlined in the Osaka Blue Ocean Vision, which was adopted at the G20 meeting in Osaka in June this year, we know that this worldwide trend will gain momentum in the years to come. And yet the reality is that we are still living in a society that is surrounded by plastic.

In this time of good intentions and inadequate actions, the possibilities of paper have captured the imagination of many. In Japan in particular, paper holds a special place in our culture. Many of us still live in houses where rooms are separated by sliding screens made of paper!

The Japanese are also pioneers of paper recycling. From the simple idea of an environmentally aware housewife, milk carton cycling quickly caught on around the country. Today, it is second nature to Japanese residents, proving that small actions can result in big changes.

As nations join forces to realise the dream of a plastic-free world, it is fitting that Japan harnesses the possibilities of paper, a material entrenched in its culture, to help find a solution to plastic pollution.