Company Name: Camino Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-10-4 Minami Aoyama NK Building 7F, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

TEL.: 03-6661-3151 

FAX: 03-3403-9161



As a budding diplomat, Koichiro worked in West Africa (Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia) and Central Asia (Kyrgyz and Kazakhstan) where he was involved in the rescue operations of Japanese nationals caught up in civil wars and kidnap incidents. During this time, he developed a strong interest in sustainable development and education. After leaving the government, Koichiro founded Wasabi Communications, a boutique international marketing agency based in Tokyo, where he became involved in a project that recycled paper cranes donated to Hiroshima from around the world as wishes for peace. This experience made him realise the lack of awareness about sustainability in Japan – a realisation that, coupled with his interest in the environment fostered during his tenure at embassies abroad, led him to found Camino Co., Ltd., in 2015. Camino Co., a specialist company that provides ethical, sustainable and innovative solutions in paper recycling. Koichiro also heads the ONGAESHI (returning a favour) Project, an international peace education initiative utilising donated paper cranes and their recycled products. He holds a M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge, UK and a BA from Waseda University in Tokyo. In his free time, he performs Rakugo, traditional Japanese comic storytelling, in English, both in Japan and abroad.


2015 April
Camino Co.,Ltd. was founded as a member of Nissey Sangyo Group, a leading recycled pulp manufacturer founded in 1973.
2015 August
Donated FANO, a designer fan made from paper crane-recycled paper, to the City of Hiroshima on the occasion of the Peace Ceremony on August 6. FANO has since been used as a corporate premium by world-famous brands such as Ferrari and Sacai.
2015 December
Awarded the 12th Eco Products Promotional Committee Chairman’s Award for paper-crane derived rayon products (Orizuru Rayon).
2016  May
Spanish fashion brand Sybilla launched a paper-derived recycled fabric collection made from Orizuru Rayon.
2017  December
Formed a Project Team to develop paper-based sustainable material.
2018  November
Created a first sample of paper-PLA composite material.
2019 July
Announced the sale of PAPLUSTM , a new paper and PLA composite material.


Every year, more than 10 million paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima from within Japan and around the world as wishes for peace. As a show of appreciation for well wishers and crafters, we started a peace education initiative called the ONGAESHI, or ‘returning a favour’, project. Since 2015, we have been donating paper crane-recycled products like FANO to Hiroshima’s annual Peace Ceremony. In 2017, we collaborated with the Okiagarikoboshi Project, helmed by world-famous fashion designer Kenzo Takada, to hold a peace art event, as well as manga workshops with the Japan Cartoonists Association in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2018, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to hold a peace ceremony in Pearl Habour in Hawaii, at which we donated our paper crane-recycled products to the USS Missouri.



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